About Me

my name is Simon Labrousse and i'm a french illustrator.

Freelance for 6 years now, i've been working mostly with RPG publishers, on several (excellent) games, including Deadlands, Chroniques oubliées, Polaris, Héros & Dragons, Xcorps, and others...
I also worked on other fields such as video games, covers for novels, magazines and music album.
I am always looking for new projects to work on, so feel free to contact me !

Clients :Two Dots Creative Studio, Black Book Editions, Casus Belli,Label Indesens, Holocubierta Edition, Orygins, 500 Nuances de Geek, Ludopathes Editions


e-mail : simonlabrousse@gmail.com
phone : +33 7 83 53 03 53
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